We got to sleep in until 6AM WOOO HOO!!!!  We were happy to have some extra sleep that morning because we knew it would be a long day at DISNEYLAND!!

We did our normal routine and got ready but we were lucky we didn’t have to pack up because we would have another night at the RV Park on the nice soft grass.  After getting ready and the girls waiting in line for a very long time (51 people), we had breakfast.  It was gourmet cereal with many choices such as Fruit Loops, Frutti Pebbles, Frosted Flakes and Coco Pebbles with a side of apple slices. After breakfast we learned the one of our new friends, Kristina Sheppard had to leave because her foot was giving her trouble and she wasn’t feeling well. We hope she had a safe trip home and gets well soon.

We're going to miss you, Kristina!! Get well soon!

            After eating we grabbed all our stuff and started our walk to Disneyland. It was a longer walk but not long enough for us to get tired. We were so pumped!!!! We finally got to the park and went through the entrance and all gathered in front of the sign to take a large group picture. After taking our picture we all traveled through Disney to Hyperspace Mountain where we all waited in line together for the ride. We finally got on the ride after 30 minutes of waiting.  It was great it was Star Wars themed and very fun.

            We then split into groups and decided what rides to ride and what the y wanted to do.  Most groups didn’t know that you can get free fast passes every so often for certain rides so they waited full time which took up a lot of their time.  Then there were some groups that took advantage of the passes and saved a lot of time and got to ride more rides.

            We were on our own dime for lunch and dinner and we could choose to leave the park or eat at a place in the park.  Most groups decided to eat inside the park so that they didn’t have to walk a long ways to and from the park.  There were also many choices that were reasonably priced.   After lunch participants continued to enjoy their time, ride the rides and shop.  For dinner most people left 
the park and got iHOP, pizza, McDonalds, or any number of restaurants right out side the gates. 

            Around the time most people were finishing up dinner or back in the park the parade started.  They had instruments and balloons and characters from Disney walking down the street. Around 10PM the fireworks started and we all stood outside the restaurants and watched the beautiful show. After the show ended at around 10:15 we took the van shuttle driven by the V, John and Evan back to the campground where everyone fell asleep almost instantly. 

We got back to the RV park and hit the sack immediately! What a long and FUN FUN FUN DAY! We're going to Hollywood tomorrow to see if we can spot some stars along the way! 

The counselor's really enjoyed DL!

Love y'all!


Out with the old and in with the new….say hello to the “Sleepys”!!! We will be your bloggers for the next few days! We will be writing to let you guys know about all of the crazy events we are experiencing in the awesome state of CALI! ROLLLL CALLLLL… Brylee Byrd, Meredith Bowen, Megan Farris, Dan Caruso, Aulden Hopper, Kathryn Trent, Mckenzie Moody, Peighton Quin, Chloe Fowler, Nyah Townsend, Dylan Heafener, Harrison Marisiddaiah, Madison Hammonds, & Emily Watling!

As we left the beautiful Vegas last night around midnight, a couple of brave souls volunteered to stay up with the bus driver and van drivers in shifts to keep them alert.  This was a great opportunity to get to know the bus driver, Henry, and all of our counselors! The shifts were in increments of 2 hours and it was great getting to know these awesome people, but staying awake was nothing short of being brutal. The $17 of candy was definitely help for the co-pilots to stay awake. That being said, these brave co-pilot souls were Kathryn Trent, Megan Farris, Brylee Byrd, Dan Caruso, Olivia Nelly, Chloe Fowler, Josh Feemster, Meggie Cauley, Sally Buckles, Grace Lubkin.  They all played a vital role in safe travels by taking care of the counselors needs as they drove to Santa Monica overnight.

6 tossing-and-turning hours later, the sleeping passengers awoke to a foggy view of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Pier around 6:00 AM!  TWBers were the first beach goers of the day….  Alone in Santa Monica we explored until the Bashfuls served us a wonderful breakfast of French toast and hash browns grilled in the parking lot! We sure are thankful for their hard work to feed us all. 

After filling our bellies with a great breakfast, some T-dubbers went to walk the pier (even before the shops were opened!!!) while others hopped into the chilly ocean (64°). Today provided an opportunity for many to break into different groups and try new things.  Many of those who ventured out to the pier said thy enjoyed the relaxation that they haven’t had this past week, while those who stayed on the beach just loved hanging out and splashing around with their new friends.  Those who opted to stay on the beach had the option to play volleyball, soccer, participate at Muscle Beach, ultimate Frisbee, or participate in the variety of card games being played.  Those who went to the pier enjoyed live street music, GREAT food, and FUN fair rides!

Heading back to the bus at 2:30 was sad, but everyone was SOOOO excited to be headed to Anaheim, Cali…. Why you ask?? Well because it is HOME of DISNEYLAND!!! We are so pumped for tomorrow we can hardly stand it!!!

Donovan, Jeffrey and Ross cooking some scrumptious hash browns

Jennings, Olivia, Reid, Naz, Becca, Kristina and Megan making french toast 
Katie, organizing the kitchen trailer!

HARRISON LOVES his breakfast!

Alex is all smiles because we finally have a sit down breakfast!

Grace Lubkin is ready for a good day in Santa Monica!

Dylan and Emily!

Preston and Tripp!

Ross and Mikayla

Riley and Caroline!

Ashley, Brylee and Sam!

Taylor and Shannon

Brae, Daniel and Josh!


Kendall taking a little ride not he pier!

Hannah ^2

Emily and Carrie


During the hour and a half car ride from Santa Monica to Anaheim RV Park (in our imaginary RV) almost everyone took a power nap due to all of the great energy they spent today, and lack of sleep from the drive from Vegas.  When we rolled into the RV Park our mouths dropped when we saw that all 82 participants had to sleep shoulder to shoulder and head to toe (about 400 square Chacos)!!! Boy, if we aren’t close yet…. Here goes nothing!  J

We just finished a hardy dinner made by the Bashfuls…. Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, ramen noodles, and cookies!! We have cleaned up from dinner, showered, and prepped ourselves for what is to come in the morning!!! DISNEYLAND! Stay tuned to hear about our adventurous experiences tomorrow!



Day 7


Today we woke up by the sound of the crows instead of V’s voice…. AT 5:30AM!!!!!!! This was 
our day to “sleep in”!!!! Once we got moving we were FINALLY able to have a sit down breakfast at the campsite.  We were so excited because this meant we wouldn’t be on the vehicles and we could really enjoy our meal!! The cooks AKA the Grump’s made pancakes and bacon! TALK ABOUT YUM!!

After our quick meeting with the staff, we loaded the vehicles and started making our way to VEGAS!!!  On our scenic ride to Vegas each group sat on the vans and bus together to create a rockin’ song about TWB.  Once we arrived at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) each group had time to rehearse and perform in the nice air condition of the student center.  Of course, the Dopey’s remixed Beyonce’s song “Irreplaceable” and won this contest.

Around 8:00 or around sunset we all hopped onto the vans and the bus to head to the new strip in Las Vegas. Vicky and the KT's led us through Caesar’s Palace and we were confused by the sky painted ceilings and surprised by all the different gambling machines and nightlife in Vegas. After a group pic in front of the fountain, we were sent off on our own to experience Vegas independently. Each of the groups ate around Vegas and then explored the strip. The Bellagio water show seemed to be an all around favorite and did some light shopping in Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior, just kidding, we bought cheap t-shirts for you all back home. But can you really tell the difference between Gucci and a souvenir shop t-shirt? We can’t, besides the smell.

We got back to the bus around 12:00 and we changed into our clothes for the night and boarded our chariot to the beaches of Santa Monica overnight. Some of us signed up to be co-pilot and talked with the counselors and Henry to keep them awake, The rest if us were granted the glorious gift of sleep in the van or the bus. After some awkward sleeping positions were achieved, we were knocked out for the night and excited to arrive in Santa Monica.

It’s been real keeping y’all updated but all good things must come to an end. The Sleepy’s will have some BIG shoes to fill. 

Matt Feemster saying a prayer for safe travels

Evan catching a snooze before Vegas!

Reid and Charlie's hair done by our sweet Jennings! They're PHAT (pretty hot and tempting) 






Naz and Maddi- research on the Alamo 
Liz Dorn- San Antonio, Texas 
Ross Sands- research on The State of Texas

Emily Payne- research on the Grand Canyon 
Daniel Bonomo- research on the New Mexico Military Institute 
Charlie Lindsey- research on The State of New Mexico 
Ayla Gutschick- research on The River Walk 
Hannah Finlon- research on Las Vegas, Nevada
Carolyn Tuttle- research on Carlsbad Caverns

Emily Ling- research on UNLV

Shannon Quaiel- research on The State of Nevada