Day 23

As today is our last day together as the TWB family, we reminisced on our memories that we’ve made together on this incredible trip.  Stories have ranged from things such as our feelings on the very first day and all of our first impressions to all of the funny things that have happened to us all. 
Bright and early this morning, we told our good friend Megan Dwyer goodbye before heading home since she lives in Kentucky (how cool!).  It hit all of us hard and started our morning off with so many emotions and made us all realize that today is the day we have to say goodbye to all of our friends.We had our last visit to one of our favorite places, Walmart, along with our last traveling meals together, and our last time riding in the vehicles and singing our hearts out.As we sit in Mooresville writing the blog and watching everyone clean the vehicles and prepare for pick up at Mallard Creek, we all feel bundles of emotions as we’re SO close to home.  We would love to run home, take a shower, wash some clothes get a good nights rest and hop back on the bus and vans for another 23 days!We travel home today with heavy hearts but we’re also super excited to see our family! It’ll be hard to explain to people what TWB really is and impossible for people to understand, but we’ll all be talking peoples heads off about this once in a lifetime adventure.As our time as a TWB family is coming to an end, the memories and moments that we’ve experienced together will last a lifetime.  We can’t wait to see what life has in store for us in the future. 

One last clean for Miss America and Carolina Girl.. Hannah, Evin and Erin 

Maren doing one last sweep!

We’d like to say a special thank you to all of the staff members for making the trip sooo unforgettable, but we’d also like to say a HUGE thank you to the Deaton family for making this trip possible and giving us something we’ll never forget.  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST, WE LOVE YOU!!

TWB Trip 2 2016… OUT!

DADDY'S HOME!!!!!!!!!


Baby Samuel was happy to see Daddy too!!!

   Ashley Beaty-Gastonia,NC
           “TWB for me has been all about gaining friendships, seeing new sights, and strengthening my relationship with God by seeing his beauty.”

    Hannah Shaffer- Chapin, SC
        “TWB is about stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown in order to make    lifetime friends and experience God in a new way."

Katie Edwards-Wilmington, NC
“Throughout this trip I’ve made friends I know I will keep with me throughout my life, had my limits tested, and learned more about who I am as a person.”

Laura Hay- Mooresville, NC
“TWB is an unforgettable experience that gives each participant a new love for God and America.”

Samantha Edlund- Mooresville, NC
“Ask me if I can think of a better opportunity to make new friends, become closer to God, and take pride in my country than TWB…I’ll say no.”

Evin Flinchum- Summerfield, NC
“TWB has been one of the best experiences of my life because I have made new friends and gotten to see our beautiful country.”

Jeffrey Harben- Mooresville, NC
“Mix a handful of complete strangers, a large helping of patriotism, and just a dash of starvation and you get TWB.”

Emily Payne- Monroe, NC
“TWB is full of risks with meeting new people or seeing new places, but taking those risks is what makes the experience worth it.”

Jennings Tumlin- Beaufort, NC
“This trip helped me to push my comfort zone and experience things I never would have in the past.”

Donovan O’Donnell- Laurinburg, NC
“TWB has strengthened my relationship with God and myself.”

Colton Pierce- Mooresville, NC
“Came in as strangers, but left as family.”

Tripp Wells- Laurinburg, NC
“It is something you will never experience again no matter how hard you try.”

Carolyn Tuttle- Mooresville, NC
“TWB was the best experience of my life.”

Aulden Hopper- Cherryville, NC
“TWB will henceforth and forever more be one of the most impactful and fun events in my life.”

Meggie Cauley- Mooresville, NC
“TWB is more than just a sightseeing trip, but an opportunity to broaden your perspectives and meet amazing people.”

Maddi Hatfield-Iron Station, NC
“TWB is a moment that nothing can replace and you won’t understand it unless you experience it, a moment that you’ll forever be touched by.

Megan Dwyer- Florence, KY
“TWB has forced me out of my comfort zone, into amazing friendships and experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

Dani Ariza- Lake Wylie, SC
“TWB has made me that happiest I’ve every been.”

Graceanna Sessions- Lake Waccamaw, NC
“God had created so many beautiful things and TWB is an amazing way to experience most of them.”

Kelly Ford- Lowell, NC
“Soaking up the beauty of America really changed my perspective on life.”

Madison Hammonds- Whiteville, NC
“Teens westward Bound has given me that chance to experience some of Gods most beautiful creations that I may not have been able to see on my own.”

Ayla Gutschick- Mooresville, NC
“TWB is an amazing way to travel America and find yourself with new people and places.”

Jacqueline Garcia- Fort Mill, Sc
“Our lives are made up of moments that make us who we are, I am grateful for the moments that were gifted to me on TWB.

Meredith Nanney- Gastonia, NC
“TWB was incredible because I was able to experience the most amazing places with the most amazing people.”

Christopher Sanders- Beaufort, SC
“Teens westward bound is an experience that will change your outlook of the world.”

Samantha Roche- Charlotte, NC
“The world is a beautiful thing and the people on this trip make it even more amazing.”

Liz Dorn- Greenwood, SC
“The experience you encounter on this trip life-changing and one of the best experience you will ever have.”

Daniel Caruso- Mooresville, NC
“Have as much fun as possible and don’t do anything stupid.”

Parker Wehrly- Sanford, NC
“This trip has been the time of my life, I’ve have so much fun.”

Maren Syska- Charlotte, NC
“TWB makes you jump out of your comfort zone but the experience is priceless.”

Zack Merritt- Mount Holly, NC
“My dream of this trip did no justice to my experience.”

Ross Sands- Mooresvile, NC
“TWB taught me how to live.”

Caroline Cabe- Gastonia, NC
“TWB is an experience you cannot fully explain, one must go on it to understand its significance to ones life.” 

Grace Lubkin- Beaufort, SC
“This trip is nothing but extrodinary.”

Kristina Sheppard- Concord, NC
“TWB has taught me so many life lessons and has helped prepare me for the future.”

Shannon Quaiel- Rock Hill, SC
“They say you don’t know until you try it and I didn’t this I could experience beautiful places and people at the same time until TWB.”

Josh Feemster- Bessemer City, NC
“This is by far one of the best things that I have and will ever do.”

Ellen McLam- Whiteville, NC
“Teens Westward Bound is a once in a lifetime trip with a one in a million group of amazing people.”

Megan Farris- Gastonia, NC
“The sites I saw were breath taking but the best beauty was the in the relationships I made.”

Reid Brigman- Prosperity, SC
"Before this trip, I knew about miracles and believed in them, but after them I know they exist as I travelled through one and was surrounded by 82 of them."

Kyndall High- Gastonia, NC
“I loved Vicky and she never even licked me.”

Alex Marez- Monroe, NC
“I will never look at America the same way again.”

Mackenzie Moody- Aberdeen, NC
“Putting yourself out of your comfort zone can be scary, but TWB makes it easy as breathing.”

Cameron Baucome- Monroe, NC
“TWB was the best experience of my life. It was even worth waking up at 4:00 in the morning.”

Mikayla Rose- Belmont. NC
“TWB: no only a trip to see the places we call home, but to find who you actually are.”

Mykayla Hayes- Reidsville, NC
“It’s the most memorable experience of my life.”

Chloe Fouler- Chapin, SC
“I went on the trip to find near friends, instead I met my new family.”

Elizabeth Efrid- Gastonia, NC
“TWB is a once in a lifetime experience. Not only because you get to see God’s beautiful creation but because you get to experience it with your best friends.”

Preston Cook- Prosperity, SC
“God’s creations and life itself is mesmerizing.”

Riley McHale- Alexandria, VA
“I’ve never bonded so fast with so many people and I’m glad I will have this family forever.”

Laura Hayes- Mooresville, NC
“Until TWB I didn’t realize bow many lifelong bond I could create in 23 days. This trip has forever changed/impacted my life.”

Erin Jenkins- Jefferson, SC
“Everyone on TWB may have different backgrounds. But we all are linked together by experiencing America together.”

Lexie Windeel- Denver, NC
“It’s so much more than just traveling.”

Hannah Mantooth- Kings Mountain, NC
“The places you visit will soon turn to memories by the friendships you make will last a lifetime.”

Peighton Quin- Charlotte, NC
“I have a terrible memory but I know that this trip will stay with me forever.”

Dylan Heafner- Lincolnton, NC
“I’ve got two families now.”

Olivia Nelli- Greenville, SC
“I’ve experienced an amazing adventure across out country with so other incredible people and you can’t replace that.”

Carrie Foster- Troutman, NC
“TWB is the best thing I’ve ever experience with 82 of the best people in the greatest country.”

Emily Watling- Mooresville, NC
“We may fight like siblings sometimes but it is because we have become a family in the short 23 days of the trip.”

Meredith Bowen- Cheeryville, NC
“You can hear stories about the trip but you never truly believe or understand how extraordinary the trip is until you’re on it.”

Harrison Marisiddaiah- Gastonia, NC
“Take time to enjoy every place you visit, as you might never be there again.”

Logan Scronce- Vale, NC
“This is truly and experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life and I’m so glad to have all these new friends in my life.”

Charlie Lindsey- Mooresville, NC
“The experience of a lifetime with friends for a lifetime.”

Sally Buckles- Gastonia, NC
“TWB helps you realize that life has a crush on you.”

Matthew Lacayo- Stokesdale, NC
“TWB is a trip that trains all forms of maturity.”

Joshua Davis- Greenwood, SC
“Got to explore that greatest country in the world with my second family.”

Mitchell Nobles- Clarendon, NC
“I’ve never shared so much with so many people.”

Nyah Townsend- Reidsville, NC
“Experiencing God’s creations of the different cultures with people who have become your family, can not be forgotten. “

Gina Smirz- Gastonia, NC
“An experience I’ll never forget and never regret.”

Sydney Stanley- Stoneville, NC
“TWB was the best ting to happen to me and gave me 82 unforgettable best friends.”

Kathryn Trent- Reidsville, NC
“Getting to experience this beautiful country with 82 amazing people will never be forgotten.”

Trey Amrstrong- Laurinburg, NC
“Some people say family is only linked to blood but, I believe it’s also linked to TWB.”

Anna Brady- Reidsville, NC
“I’ve had the time of my life and I own it all to TWB.”

Hannah Finlon- Lake Wylie, SC
“Nothing could replace this experience.”

Daniel Bonomo- Mooresville, NC
“You arrive as strangers but you leave as brothers and sisters.”

Becca West- Gastonia, NC
“An experience that helped me come out of my shell and make friends for a lifetime.”

Nazirah Ahmad- Monroe, NC
“A journey is best measured in friends (that soon become family), rather than miles.”

Brae Troutman- Wilmington, NC
“This trip is so amazing, because it is a place where, one by one, you can see even the shyest people come out of their shells.”

Taylor Kennedy- Mooresville, NC
“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was taking a leap of faith and getting on that bus.”

Emily Ling- Greenwood, SC
“I expected to make one friend, but I made 82.”