Day 13

Hey y’all, it’s the Sneezys again!

This morning we rolled out of San Francisco at 6:30 AM. We had a yummy breakfast of cereal, milk, and bananas. We hadn’t realized how much we missed cereal until this meal! Unfortunately, the bus ran out of cereal, so leftover pop tarts were dished out to those sitting in the back. We made a Wal-Mart stop for the cooks to get future meals and for the rest of us to replenish our day bags. After we made our purchases, we had to wait in the parking lot for 45 minutes because Henry was not back with the bus!

We were given peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch after a few more hours of riding. This experience was similar to breakfast. Fresh bread, real peanut butter, and Welch’s grape jelly had been very underappreciated until this trip.

Around 3:00 we pulled into the Yosemite National Park. There was a lot of traffic! The park rangers told us that this was the most people Yosemite has ever held – even on the Fourth of July weekend. Due to the traffic conditions, everyone needed another bathroom break. There are not many bathrooms in Yosemite, so we had to pull off the side of the road and whoever needed to go sprinted into the woods!

Once we got on the road again, we passed Inspirational Point, Bridal Veil Falls, and even saw snow on some mountaintops. However, since there were so many tourists, we were not able to stop and had to take in the scenery from the bus.

We made it to our campsite around 6:00. The park rangers strongly recommended not sleeping in our ENO’s, because we would get too cold. There were a few boys who hung them up anyways. The rangers also stressed the importance of keeping our food and scented items in the steel lockers. Bears have a very strong sense of smell, and we did not want to invite them into our campsite.

Our dinner was delicious! We had sloppy Joes, mashed potatoes, and mac n cheese. After dinner we had a brief sing along and serenaded the entire campground. With full bellies we laid down to stargaze for a bit and go to sleep.