Day 11

            We woke up to the V screaming at 6 A.M. for us to hurry up and get dressed so we could quickly get onto Highway 1 and leave Lake Cachuma.  We first stopped at Wally World, and the cooks bought breakfast for today and tomorrow, lunch, and dinner.  We quickly ate a breakfast of Cheese Danishes, Honeybuns, or Raspberry Crumbles with a banana (while some of us opted for a McDonalds breakfast instead). 

We chatted and talked as we rode down Highway 1 because we were not allowed to sleep unless we wanted to be licked by Evan or Vicky. Some of our fellow participants did not believe they would get licked, but Dylan Heafner lived to tell us all differently. The counselors did not want us to miss the breathtaking view, so it was about the thought that counts.  We took a short rest stops that included the petting of a cat, beautiful pictures, and long bathroom lines.








Along the way, we saw some of the bluest waters, seals and beautiful cliffs!  Staying awake for this ride was the greatest idea!  After a while, we stopped at the “TWB mountain” where we reflected on the last several days, had a sing a long and sat to appreciate the view of Highway 1.

Next stop was……… MONTERY, CALIFORNIA!! We stayed there for about an hour shopping and buying small snacks and souvenirs before leaving.  But what we didn’t realize is that Monterey was not the only thing we were leaving behind until we pulled off.  No other than Josh Davis and Parker Wherly missed the bus due to their excessive lateness caused by a Starbucks line (they said it was worth it).  We immediately drove around the block and we saw them running towards the bus.

Many of our fellow participants told their biggest fears and most embarrassing stories to pass the time and grow our TWB family bond as we drove into San Francisco.  We took a pause in our storytelling to eat our “wonderful” dinner of pizza wraps, made of flour tortillas, cheese, and pizza sauce.

We arrived at Lakeview Presbyterian Church, our campsite for the night around 7:30 p.m. This will be another night where we are sleeping shoulder to shoulder, BUT we are all very greatful for the showers we were able to receive at the YMCA next door.  We took turns running next door for our two-minute showers, but they felt so good we did not care!  Before bed, we combined our laundry with our friends for the sweet Chinese lady to do our laundry because she has an eight-pound limit our laundry.

We are ready to get a goodnight sleep, so that we can enjoy our whole day exploring San Francisco tomorrow!!

Love, Sleepy's