Day 10

Mitchell Nobles
Grace Lubkin
Madison Hammonds
Sam Roche
Megan Dwyer and Maren Syska
Riley McHale
Hannah Mantooth
Olivia Nelli
Logan Scronce
Sally Kate Buckles


Picnic at UCLA!

We're hungry!!!!

Cameron, Liz and Hannah

Dani, Taylor, Meggie and Grace



Morning came early after a great night at Disneyland.  We woke up at 6:00am, loaded the buses quickly and ate a great breakfast of pop tarts and apples.  We left around 6:45am and drove to the Hollywood Bowl.

            After arriving at the Hollywood Bowl we were greatly disappointed to find out that there was construction at the bowl so we weren’t able to enter.  We still had a great time learning about California, LA, Hollywood and the Hollywood bowl. With research done by Mitchell Nobles, Sally Kate Buckles, Meredith Nanney, Madison Hammonds, Sam Roche, Megan Dwyer, Logan Scronce and Maren Syska.  However, we ended up learning about Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando instead of the Hollywood studios in California. After all of the research we had to have a screaming audition for some fun later in the day.  Then, we were off to Hollywood.

            On the bus ride to Hollywood were all excited for the star we were all about to see… Evan Hiatt “a lesser-known ape from Tarzan”. While walking the streets of Hollywood Mitchell Nobles spotted Evan from a far and all 81 of us immediately rushed to the “star”.  We had all the tourists so convinced that FOX News interviewed Evan and he had to sign many autographs. He signed arms, foreheads, took pictures with children and adults with selfie sticks. While Evan was bombarded we stood back to watch the chaos. After the excitement we got to shop for souvenirs and enjoy the views of Hollywood.

            After our excitement in Hollywood we headed to UCLA for a picnic on the campus. Along the way, we drove by Beverly Hills and Bel Air! The houses were so massive! Our lunch consisted of bagel sandwiches, apples and fruit snacks. It was fun getting to relax and explore the beautiful campus. While shopping in the student bookstore we found a place to FaceTime, email and text our family and friends.

            After an eventful day it was time to head to our next campsite. Due to the wildfires at El Capitan, we had to go to a different campsite than originally planned! We arrived around 5 to the “dust pit” for the night. Everything about the campsite was great but one thing is missing… there are no showers.

For dinner, the Bashful's cooked hotdogs, macaroni and cheese and baked beans!  THANK YOU COOKS!  Following dinner, we had the best sing a long yet!  KT^2 got us pumped, clapping and so excited about each song! WE ALSO MADE S'MORES!!!!!  

We'll be heading to Monetary tomorrow and traveling to Highway 1! 

Goodnight family and friends <3