Day 22

Hey everyone! No one can believe that today is the last full day and last night of TWB 2016. It was full of bonding and having fun. It is crazy how fast this trip went by.
The first stop we made was a rest stop. Some people were asleep so they missed this great stop to use the bathroom. It was so quiet without Evan’s beautiful singing!! Everyone was fast asleep until we got to Churchill Downs in Kentucky.

The second stop was Churchill Downs. This is the home of the Kentucky Derby, the oldest continuous race in America!! We got a tour by our amazing tour guide, Annie (she was only 16 but did a great job!!). We also got to see where the horses are held before the race and where they walk out to the track. Standing in the winner’s circle made everyone feel like a winner!! It was very hot and muggy, very different from the dry heat we’ve been experiencing recently (we missed that 125 degree heat). We know that we are close to the humid East Coast now. We then went inside to the museum where we got to see a movie. It was set up where it went around the room like the track did (WITH SPINNY CHAIRS WAHOO). It was a great movie and made everyone want to go the Kentucky Derby. We got an hour to walk around and see the rest of the museum along with buying gifts and food, for you of course. Going to Churchill Downs was a neat experience.


Jeffrey, Gina, Preston, Chloe and Grace ready for the derby!

Future winner's in the Winner's Circle!

Ross, Parker and Evan... such cute little darlings!

John and Zack, those look great!

We then stopped at a truck wash to clean the bus and vans. Everyone got out of the bus and the vans to vacuum and wash them to be ready to go for tomorrow. Some decided to have a water fight with water bottles and got back on our nice clean vans soaking wet (probably the cleanest we’ve been too).

For dinner the cooks whipped up some delicious KFC or at least served it to us with KFC buckets on their heads! We went to the original KFC!!!!! Some of us got great shirts to fit our new enlarged stomachs but all were satisfied with a delicious dinner of chicken, mac & cheese, green beans, a biscuit and a choice of sweet tea or lemonade. The original KFC was somewhat of a museum with a statue of the Colonel himself and old chicken artifacts! It was neat to see the set up of the original.

Erin, Evin and Mitchell working on their pouring skills

Thank you cooks for this gourmet meal!
Parker and Zack... who will be the next Iron Chef America? 
Preston, Tripp and Grace
Hannah and Samantha
Ellen, Ayla, Dani and Maddi
Sydney, Alex, Riley and Caroline
Josh can't wait to dig in!
Mikayla and Naz
Reid was so excited about finally having sweet tea!
Jennings, Becca and Donovan
Megan, Ross, Olivia and Makayla
Charlie eating a piece of chicken the right way!
Mckenzie, Harrison, Dylan and Peighton
Madison and Emily
Megan and Meredith
Kathryn and Brylee

After dinner we went straight to the campsite for the night. We stayed at the Levi Jackson State Park. Right when we got there we unpacked and went down to the stage near our site to do the “talent” show. Every group came up with something to show what TWB Trip 2 was all about. People were called out and memories of the trip were shared. Even the counselors got up to tell their stories and imitate the participants!! Jokes were shared and many laughs were shared among the group on our last night. It was a great end to a great array of competitions. At the end they announced the winners of the competition and the trip in general. The Happy’s took the win for the competition, the Sneezy’s took the win for the best cooks and took the win for the overall best group; the rest of us think it was bribery.



In Levi Jackson State Park we got to stay inside in a cabin style setting with 6 to 8 bunk beds in each and we had the option of the cabin or outside on tarps. Most chose (tried) to stay up all night so they would not miss anything and have extra time to bond with people!

Today was a great day to be the last full day of a trip of a lifetime. No one can believe that tomorrow we will be departing. That will be an experience in itself. We are excited to see all of you but we are sad to leave our family of 82 as we come home. Maybe one of you will be lucky enough to take us all home with you! We cook and clean ourselves however areas with a Wal-mart close by are preferable. But on a more serious note, we can’t wait to see y’all! This trip may have been the trip of a lifetime but we were always goin to Carolina (or Virginia, or Kentucky) in our minds. See you soon.