Day 20

Hello, we, the Grumpy’s, are the last bloggers for TWB ’16 Trip 2. It is bittersweet time to be a blogger especially at the end of the trip. However our goal is to continue to inform and entertain you on the progress of our adventures as they come to a close, so allow us to introduce ourselves. There are 14 people in our group, Ellen, Ayla, Caroline, Dani, Grace, Sam, Laura, Alex, Sydney, Maddi, Tripp, Preston, Josh, and Riley. Even though we’re called the Grumpy’s we’re happy to be here!

V woke us up bright and early this morning at 5:20 to the sound of “wake up little darlings”. Ever so punctual we were quickly on our way out of Colorado to make sure we arrived in Kansas on time, however, soon a quick stop had to be made at Wal-Mart so the cooks could get us a great traveling breakfast and lunch.

After Wal-Mart we watched a few movies, one being Zootopia. John and Evan were very interested in it. Halfway through the movie we stopped and got some gas and looked for Dorothy and Toto while we ate good ole turkey and ham sandwiches. 

Once back on the road we drove through Kansas, which is the most interesting state we have been through. Nothing but cornfields as far as the eye can see. We had many memorable moments that include Dani Ariza eating a fly after losing a round of "what are the odds".

We stopped at Kansas State University for about 10 minutes to get a picture in front of the sign and it was extremely hot and muggy. This is the hottest it has been on this trip. We are already missing those cold nights where we could cuddle up and very few bugs around to eat us alive.




WE STOPPED TO SEE AN OIL RIG!!! It was SO hot and bugs were attacking us. No one really saw a point on getting out and looking at it if we could see just as much of it from afar but we will do anything to get a good picture for Katti!!

Wal-Mart trip two was made so the Sneeze’s could get a food to make for dinner and everyone else could get the dinner they actually wanted.  After Wal-Mart we were on our way to the camp site for the night which was called Tuttle Creek State Park. There were bugs everywhere, it was hot and muggy, slim to no showers... bummer!

Some of us chose to swim in the lake and if you did you had to walk about a mile away and they almost missed dinner because of it. Everyone who went said it was refreshing and they did not regret it.  Dinner tonight was Tacos. THEY WERE AMAZING! Thank you cooks!

Tonight we had another sing along. This was so emotional and our voices spread across the lake. We couldn't made it to American Idol! 

When it was finally bedtime it was about 90 degrees with bugs everywhere and this made it incredibly hard to sleep.

Our 20th day on TWB was a success. It is getting harder and harder towards the end as we know this amazing experience is coming to a close but we are all loving each day like it is our last and taking in all of our experiences and keeping them close to our hearts as we will never forget the amazing people we have got to know and the incredible places we have been ever so grateful to see.