Day 12

Hey y’all, we are the new bloggers, formally known as the Sneezys!!! ACHOOOO!!!!! From the Sneezy group we have Laura Hayes, Evin Flinchum, Hannah Shaffer, Carrie Foster, Mitchell Nobles, Hannah Mantooth, Sally Kate Buckles, Erin Jenkins, Katie Edwards, Kelly Ford, Trey Armstrong, Zack Merritt, and Parker Wehrly.

Jeffrey Harbin
Carrie Foster and Emily Watling

Nyah Townsend

Colton Pierce

Tripp Wells and Samantha Edlund








Something you'll never see again... IN YOUR LIFE!! V without her bracelets!

Counselor's day at the nail salon!

Katti getting a pedicure

First time for everything







Starting the day off early, we woke up around 7 AM. We began with a traveling breakfast on our way to the famous Cliff House restaurant. We enjoyed a complementary orange juice and “pop-it” with some yummy jam (similar to a croissant) from the executive chef Kevin Webber. From there we went to downtown San Francisco, and explored Fisherman’s Wharf as a whole group. We also saw Alcatraz from a distance. Next we were sent off in small groups to see what the city had to offer.

We shopped around Chinatown, going into many shops hoping to find some good bargains and other gifts for family and friends! At approximately 4 PM, we met up at a restaurant in Chinatown called the Far East Café to enjoy authentic Chinese food in a formal setting. It was AMAZING!!! We ate different gourmet dishes at a family style table.  At this time we also shared our research for the locations we had visited for the day. Kelly Ford did a presentation on Highway 1. Alex Marez did her research on the Cliff House. Emily Watling and Carrie Foster came together to do a joint presentation on the city of San Francisco. Colton Pierce researched Chinatown and shared his research with our group. Tripp Wells and Samantha Edlund battled with their knowledge on the Golden Gate Bridge. Nyah Townsend presented information on Lombard Street. We finished our round of presentations with Jeff Harbin’s research on Cannery Row.

Finally, in a spectacular display, some of the TWB boys and girls decided to take on the Polar Bear challenge and run/walk across the Golden Gate Bridge without shirts on. The whole TWB family joined together at the end of the mile and a half bridge to take pictures and celebrate. Then it was off to the church to rest up for a big day ‘in Yosemite!