Day 16

We had an early start this morning as we were awoken at approximately 5 am. We started the day off with a traveling breakfast and a short ride to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Once we arrived, the researchers presented their findings. Meredith Bowen and Aulden Hopper did their research on the Yellowstone National Park. Katie Edwards shared her information on the Old Faithful geyser. Dylan Heffner was in charge of researching the state of Wyoming. Graceanna Sessions presented her findings on the Grand Tetons. We spent the late morning/early afternoon shopping at the local store called “Shirt Off My Back,” where we splurged on the local attire and souvenirs.  Many of us had the local delicacy meal, the famous “Bison Burger.” We wrapped up our visit at this wonderful town around 12 pm and headed on our way to Yellowstone National Park.

The Antler Arch in Jackson Hole

Dani Ariza

Dylan Heafner

Meredith Bowen

Katie Edwards

Aulden Hopper

Graceanna (Miss Lake Waccamaw herself)

Reid loved by Grant and Katti
Waiting for Old Faithful

Katie always has to have a group picture!

All the crows perched up on the Yellowstone Center balcony (KAWW)

Our very own Geyserologist Dr. John Pfiefer

Maren's AWESOME TWB journal! Can we all have one?   

The little Grand Canyon (Don't worry, no hiking here)

Zack Merritt, why do you have so much stuff?

Our precious Katie Shytle 

Sam Roche and Megan

Always a good time on the bus




Meredith Nanney needed her hair did by our one and only, Katti!

Syndey and Mikayla!

On our way out of Jackson Hole we stopped at The Chapel of Transfiguration overlooking the Grand Tetons. Man, it was beautiful! Those snowcap mountains were unreal! Then we loaded up and headed towards Yellowstone hoping to see lots of bison.

Our embark to Yellowstone was far from short and stops were few and far between… that is until we got in the park. On the bus, one might have found delusional children breaking out in awkward yet amusing dance and song. Due to the limitations of the smaller vans, the other kids found themselves sleeping in the most uncomfortable seating arrangements, as well as listening to the “wonderful” songs of the great state of Wyoming. Once we reached Yellowstone, we sat and watched a great steaming hole-“Old Faithful”-spit out tons of steaming hot water. We sure do miss steaming showers but this is one we might have to miss. Shopping at Yellowstone was much like attending your local mall; tons of people buying stuff they really don’t need but decide they want it in the heat of the moment. Once we reloaded the bus and vans, we traveled to the other geysers in the park. Onlookers might assume that the foul odor was deriving from someone’s bad Mexican lunch…fortunately it was only the sulfur from these great beasts. Our last stop at Yellowstone was at the Little Grand Canyon. Due to the nightmares formed over the Grand Canyon hike, many of the kids felt fear of another torturous fate. Luckily it was only a stop for some more pictures.