Day 15

Do you have a moment to learn about the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith? Well oddly enough we did. Today we visited Temple Square, a historic religious capital for the Mormon people. After driving miles along the edge of the Great Salt Lake we were given a tour of the square by the international tour guides who were working there 18 months of service for the Mormon Church.
We heard research reports from Ellen McLam, Joshua Davis, Evin Flinchum, Sydney Stanley, Anna Brady, Mikayla Hayes, Katherine Trent and Chloe Fowler. 

  After our tour we took a short walk to City Creek Center mall where most of us had an amazing early lunch at Chic-Fil-A before roaming civilization for a few hours. Once our time was up it was only a hop, skip, and a jump to Bear Lake where we had our third group competition. 
  The art of catching a full water balloon takes many years to master but Mattie and Tripp of the grumpy group took home the win with almost care free ease. After our competition it was time to get in the water. Needless to say the water of Bear Lake was freezing, but being so wrapped up in the beauty of the mountains and the blue water we ran in regardless.

The TWB staff is so free they can feel it in their toes...and see it

  Then the wonderful and loving staff of TWB thought it would be hilarious to stay on dry land and steal our towels while were swimming, so the sprint back to the campsite was memorable to say the least.
   After we got settled in, it was time to pass out mail, and there was a lot of it! Some got letters and cash but for the most part there was just an unbelievable amount of food and Fourth of July junk to be passed around and shared.

Hannah Shaffer and Jacqueline Garcia bond in the valley of the great salt lake on their way to see the tabernacle of salt lake city

Shannon Quiel and Erin Jenkins chilling out in the bus on the way to see the mormons

Dylan Heafner and Meredith Nanney

Becca West and Cameron Baucom 

Brae Troutman, Carolyn Tuttle and Laura Hay

Tripp Wells and Brylee Byrd

Evin Flinchum and Daniel Bonomo

Olivia Nelli and Chris Sanders
Meredith and Sydney
Preston Cook and Laura 
Elizabeth and Trey
and Mattie
Mitchell and Naia
Ross being a model
Kendall, Parker Wherly and Zac Merritt
Katherine and Anna

Josh Davis and Mykala Haynes

Dani and Taylor
Reilly and Chloe

Grace and Kendall
Donovan and Meggie
Megan posing in her patriotic attire

Dairen dishing out breakfast
Samantha Roche, "Big Josh" Feemster, and Jeff chilling in the back of the bus
The first group to take the tour of Temple Square.

Sidney delivering her research 
Anna shows off her american spirit while getting caught off guard by the entrance to the tabernacle
Mykala Hayes delivers research to the participates of TWB in the square of the tabernacle
Chloe gives Olivia a laugh while she inscribes humor into her presentation
Ellen discusses Salt Lake City in her research by the fountain in dedication to sea gulls, used to end a locust pandemic decades prior
Josh gives it a go and talks about the Great Salt Lake in a very lighthearted research paper
Evan delivers her facts while tourists take shots of the beautiful church architecture
The bashfuls in front of the mormon tabernancle
The Happys in front of the mormon tabernacle
The Dopeys in front of the mormon tabernacle

Showing some major American pride.

"Big Josh" Feemster getting his Chic-Fil-A fix

Josh Davis and Parker Whereby


Free ice anyone?

 The Timeless Bromance of Dan and Charlie

T.W.B enough said 

Evan Hyatt posing for the camera #YoungStunna
The Girls showing their patriotic colors

The hottest picture in TWB history @DubSquad

The girls prepping for the water balloon toss

Charlie Lindsey Olympic water balloon champion.
and the competition begins (Ross Sands)

















A brotherhood 


















Colton, Hannah, Daniel and Liz making hotdogs for dinner

Matt making us some Kool-Aide

  Before curfew a lot of us shared the amazing Bear Lake sunset and felt a little homesick as we talked about the letters we got, but the feelings were quickly forgotten as there were too many mosquitoes and red, white, and blue glow sticks flying in the air to think about much else.

  Overall it was just another amazing day traveling the USA, spending the fourth of July in a way that no one else in the world gets to except for us, the TWB family!