Day 17

Happy’s in the house!! We are the bloggers for the next few days. The happy’s are Lexie Windell, Emily Payne, Brae Troutman, Graceanna Sessions, Ashley Beaty, Daniel Bonomo, Anna Brady, Josh Davis, Elizabeth Efird, Taylor Kennedy, Shannon Quaiel, Sam Roche, Logan Scronce, Gina Smirz. We are very HAPPY to be here!

Today we got to sleep in, isn’t it crazy that 6:45 is late now? We won’t even know what to do with ourselves when we get home.
Shortly after we got up we loaded the rafting vans to head to Wyoming River Trips on the rafting buses to meet our guides and get suited up for our wild adventure on the Shoshone River. When we arrived at the bend in the river, where we would begin our trip, it was so windy that we couldn’t get out of the bus and had to travel to another spot farther down the river. On the way to the new spot we were allowed to sign our names on the van where we saw the names of many past participants that had done the same. We hopped right into the warm water (just kidding it felt like Antarctica) and it was no dry ride. The ride started out pretty peaceful, but it didn’t last long. Soon enough we were soaking wet, laughing our heads off and holding on to each other for our dear lives. We decided to take control of these rapids, and the ride became a more of race, with everyone drenched from splashing each other (THANKS JOSH AND CHARLIE!). Since we were all so inexperienced, we had some trouble getting over those insane class 5 and 6 rapids, especially considering the fact that we didn’t have enough helmets for everyone, and that some people had to be dragged behind the rafts on ropes! When we finally made it out of the river, everyone huddled together like penguins because we were so cold! After loading the rafts back on the trailers, we filled up the buses again and they took us straight back to the campsite where the counselors had a hot breakfast of grits, sausage, eggs, bread, and assorted jams waiting for us. YUM!

White water rafting here we come!!!!

Henry, Evan, Katti and John ready for some cold rafting

After our delicious meal, the Sleepy’s and Sneezy’s began their laundry at the campsite while the counselors shuttled the rest of us to two local Laundromats, where we made friends with the owners, who were very accommodating and friendly. While our clothes were FINALLY getting the wash they needed, many of us took the break we needed! Some people took naps, played cards, talked to family, and even got that energy boost from Starbucks coffee across the street. Once our clothes were clean, we needed to get clean ourselves. Group by group we shuttled back to the campsite where we took turns showering, cleaned out our bags, and had a true western lunch of pretzels, chips, hummus, queso, and salsa while we got ready for downtown shopping and the rodeo. For the next hour or two we lounged around until the cooks began preparing a gourmet dinner of grilled cheese, tomato soup, and NAME BRAND DOUBLE STUFFED OREOS, which made up for the fact that the grilled cheese was a little burnt. We watched a “phenomenal” gun show and were set free to shop for about an hour. First things first… COWBOY HATS! We spent over half of our time modeling different hats so we could fit in at the rodeo. Our hour was running out and everyone sprinted back to the bus where we waited an extra 10 minutes because some people needed their caffeine boost for the rodeo. Not to worry though, we made it to the rodeo in plenty of time! Our seats were great and we snuggled up drinking hot cocoa so we could stay warm. Some of us even got blankets. Thanks Henry!! Over half the trip decided to enjoy some rodeo food, which included delicious BBQ slaw wraps and savory kettle corn.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup!

Daniel Bonomo ready for a good sit down meal 

Double stuffed oreos :)

Din din before the rodeo 
Cooks serving dinner 

Maren and Emily enjoying there dinner under the tree

Ayla is having Twizzlers for dinner too 

These cowgirls are ready for a good time tonight

Naz, Carmeron and Becca enjoying dinner on their sleeping bags 
Logan and Preston about to chow down on some grilled cheese and oreos 

Liz and Sam purchase their first cowgirl hats

Dylan, Logan, Peighton, Chloe and Harrison try on hats for the rodeo

Dan and Charlie pose for the camera

Emily, Evin, Jacqueline and Aulden with the serious look 

Khristina, Josh and Grace looking good!!!!

Caroline and Megan twinning


KT^2 loves the USA and the rodeo!

Kyndall, Donovan, Mikayla, Maddi and Jennings all smiles for the rodeo

Oh you fancy, Grant 

Cowgirls don't cry!

Breast Cancer survivors! <3

 After sitting for about 45 minutes anxiously waiting for the rodeo to start, we finally got our first glimpse of true Western Cowboys and girls. The commentator Buffalo Bill called out to the stands wondering where the fans were from. When he called out for those from the south we cawed and we hollered for the good ole’ south. When Buffalo Bill called out for those from the east we yelled even louder, which surprised Buffalo Bill. He asked us how we could be from the south and the east and we responded, “It’s the southeast man!” From that point on we made it a game, every time Buffalo Bill called out to the stands, we cheered louder than ever. By the end of the night we were form the south, the east, Wyoming, Singapore, Canada, and California. About halfway through the rodeo, Brae joined the kids 12 & under contest to pull the ribbon off of a calf’s tail. Sadly, he did not succeed, but he had the loudest cheering section (of course) in the whole rodeo! After an hour or two of bucking broncos and bulls, we came back to the campsite and went to sleep under the stars at Ponderosa Campground. 

Love, Happy’s!